3. Memories from the 70-s

In the book we did not write much about the story about "the crazy diamonds" from the 70:s.
I had the pleasure to meet Graham Wright, the son of the owner of the Burns company from
that time, Alan Wright, and the book will tell the whole exciting story. From the Conchorde prototype
to the very nice LJ 24.

Graham Wright -

"As you know, we originally called the guitar Concord because that is what had inspired Jim to design it with the ‘droop-nosed’ head and swept-back ‘wings’. Even the pick-ups were designed to suggest the shape of the Concord planes’ under-carriage.  Publicity photographs and brochures were produced using (for the time) state of the art images of earth taken by NASA from Space.   However, just as we were finalising the artwork for the brochure we were told that we would not be allowed to use the Concord name.  We were forced to think up another name quickly and so we settled on Flyte.  (Interestingly, when later we produced a ‘reverse’ version of  Concord, which we called the Mirage, we made no attempt to seek the permission of the French producer of the fighter aircraft of the same name and were never challenged by anyone for its use!)."

He has written about the thoughts behind the guitars,  the production, the artists like Slade,Mark Griffiths and Mark Bolan and we will follow the Jim Burns story some more years.



♦The Conchorde bass protopype

♦The LJ 24


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