19. The Shadows

Please take a look at these clips on YouTube and the Baldwin guitars The Shadows are playing on in 1967. I
got info from John Pokorny. Thank you.
It is not the "S-type" Marvin guitars they are playing. These are different. If you know anything about them
please advise.

//www.youtube.com/user/CliffShads "In the Mood".
http://www.youtube.com/user/CliffShads "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt" (the one from Australian Bandstand, 1967).

18. New Burns guitars

Of cours I will present all guitars produced after 2002. Both from Burns USA and Burns London.
Many really nice guitars. Here is a picture from a player in Norway who has bought a Dream guitar 2011
in cherry burst (to the left) and a Legend Dream 2001 in black cherry burst. He was very satisfied with
the guitars and really enjoyed the Dream 2011, which he prefered. There are many more
both guitars and basses from the 90:s company. The new burns company has survived much longer than the Burns London company back in the 60:s. I will try to get comments on each guitar from Barry Gibson.

17. Missing guitars

There were some serial produced Burns guitars I unfortunately did not had any pictures of in "Pearls and
Crazy Diamonds". I have collected a lot of pictures during the last years and now I hope
I will show pictures of  these guitars in my coming book. I appreciate that different players
and collectors send pictures to me. Today I got a picture of a Nu-Sonic Bass from Steve Rockwood. (Thank you Steve!) In my book I just had a picture of George Harrison (the Beatles) playing one Nu-Sonic Bass,but no colour photo. The Beatles used a Nu-Sonic Bass on on song but the Beatles fans have different opinions on which song it is. Do you have any suggestions. Today Burns London have started producing this bass again.
I really appreciate if you could send me phots of any rare Burns guitar.

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