4. Jim Burns Ltd in the 80-s

I have made some intervjues with people who had relations with Jim Burns Ltd in the 80:s.
Bob Pearson has also promised to write some lines. But I need more information about
this part. If you know anything or have any contacts who has memories from that era,
please contact me. E-mail:per(at)addit.se

Below you see a picture of one prototype from the 80:s. A very special Magpie.

Postat av: Thomas B

I own since 1984 a Jim Burn Magpie in Black with a "Strat"-Like Headstock (?). The sound is great and the guitar is very good to play in the lower parts of th eneck. I love this guitar!

2011-03-20 @ 21:54:22
URL: http://burritobros.blogspot.com
Postat av: Sam Savage

Hi i have just been reading your website about Jim burns i met jim in the early eighties when he had a small workshop in a small village called Littleport in Cambridgeshire .

He was a local at a social club and got speaking to him as i was interested in learning to play and needed a guitar .

He told me he could sort one out for me if i would give him a tenner so he could get himself a drink or two .

This went on for a few times four weeks later and forty pounds out of pocket i asked how it was going and he said pop down the workshop in a hour , so a hour later i went to the workshop and sure enough he was making me a guitar out of bits he had laying around .

I think it is a magpie it has a black body and white scratch plate and wood neck .

when he said there you go sam i told you i would make ya one i said what do i ow you he said another tenner , i said i would but only if he sighed the plate on the back to which he did Jim Burns Oct 83

and off i went but could never get the time to learn to play it .

Then all of a sudden he vanished and i never saw him again but what a gentleman he was .

just thought you might be interested in my little story as i have never forgot him.

and i still have it and if i ever meet anybody that plays i get them to play it for me.

many thanks

Sam Savage

2011-08-29 @ 23:29:33

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