5. Early Burns pick-ups

The different Burns pick-ups are a very important part of the guitars. The sound of these guitars is
very special and worth a chapter in my coming book. To my help I have Adrian Turner who has written
a contributionabout the early Burns pick-ups.
Adrian: - " 60’s Tri-Sonic has become a revered and highly sought after pickup, noted for it’s rich, smooth, powerful tone and pleasing good looks. Original, unmolested examples now command ever increasing high prices and one good single unit, can often exceed the original price of the instrument it was once affixed to. Although Jim Burns can not be held solely responsible for the design of these classic units, it is fair to say that without his stylisation and adaptation of the original theme – the classic sound we have come to know and love would never have happened."
The chapter contains much more then the story behind the Tri-Sonic.
This contribution will give you the whole story. Thank you Adrian.

Below a picture of a 1959 Burns-Weill pickup

Postat av: Scott

One claim that I disagreed with in the original book was that 'due to the Tri Sonic pick ups, most of Sonics have been slaughtered by Queen fans'

I've probably seen as many Vibra Artistes with missing pickups as Sonics, or in fact, any guitar- ie: They do turn up very occasionally, but not with any sort of frequency, and certainly not to the point where we could say 'most' have been dismantled.

I don't know where this myth started

2011-02-15 @ 11:58:33
Postat av: Bob Cavanagh


I have an original Burns Flyte early 1970's in ebonised maple.

It has Humbuster Mach One pickups - patent pending -

The bridge is very basic and not like any other I have seen - three T bars on strings!

Has anyone seen similar?

2011-05-10 @ 17:27:40
Postat av: Guðmundur Höskuldsson

Hi there, I rebuilding a 1967 Vista Sonic for a friend , and I´m lost on how to wire the pu and selector and how the strings come into the tremolo system, can you help me out or point out a website,

Thanks in advance,


2011-12-14 @ 22:01:22
Postat av: Hildegarde Haun

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