7. Supersound

The story about the very first serialproduced Jim Burns guitars. Supersound Electronic Products
was formed by Alan John Wootton and Annie Mary Patricia Wootton In 1952 from very humble
circumatances. Alan was repairing, building and designing tape recorders arid sound equipment.
Later they made among other things amps in their own namn and for Vox.
Jim Burns joined the company in 1958. The first guitar to appear was  a two pick-up, singel solid
cutaway guitar, rather similar to a Les Paul, called the Ike Isaacs Short Scale´ model.  About 20
guitars were made. Jim also designed a few more guitars and basses and also made strings.
Unfortunately I am unable to verify if these guitars in fact ever appeared on the market.
The relationship ended on a somewhat sour note as  Jim started making strings to rival companies.
Jim left the company in 1959 and joined forces with Henry Weill under the Burns-Weill banner.

In the book we will go deaper in the Supersound part of the Jim Burns story, hopefully with a
contribution from Trevor Migley, who knows the story best.
The guitar below is a Supersound prototype made by Jim Burns.


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