2. Memories from the 60-s

We have managed to make intervjues with two important persons in the Burns London company back in the
sixties. Peter Farrell, Factory Manager and James Farrell, Sales Manager  in the Burns Ormston Ltd, 1960-65.
They give us the background to the company and the importance of their mother Louise Farrell. They also
tells us stories about the guitars, the artists and what happened behind the stage. It is interesting to listen
to how they tells us obout  the character of the young Jim Burns.

Peter Farrell -  "Jim was a rather funny character, really. He was a very serious man; things had to be perfect for Jim. Nothing was really written down; it was always open face-to-face chats. With the first £50 we borrowed from the bank, we got a little shed down at the bottom of the hill and I used to take the guitar bodies down and shape them and sand them. But it was only small, and now and again Jim would be down there in the afternoon, because we could only be one in there or we would be in each other’s way. And that is when we moved up to 131 Queens Rd. Jim himself, he was really a musician more than a businessman. He had plenty of ideas. We would work during the day, and then at night I would be with Jim and we would be thinking up ways of putting the machines together."

We will also show you pictures you never have seen from the early Burns days.

Pictures from a shop                                                   Hermans Hermits

Postat av: Bob Cavanagh

I Need a new nut for Burns Flyte 6 string circa 1970.

What size and shape or can anyone help me?

2011-08-23 @ 22:05:19

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