1. Welcome to the Burns Guitar Museum Blogg

Now it is about nine years since I released my book "Pearls and Crazy Diamonds - 50 years of Burns
guitars" and it is still selling. I have got so many friends all over the world and so many people have
e-mailed me to tell that they really liked the book. It makes me so happy because we put so much
passion in it. I am so grateful!

Many people are asking me all the time when the follow up book about Burns will be released.
Hopefully in a year or two. I have got so much informations, pictures and stories so I could make
several books. My problem is to find a publisher in England so I really can reach the market. Many
people has told me how difficult it is to find the book. If you know anyone who can help me to
find a publisher please contact me!!!

In my blogg you will be able to follow the work with the book from now on.

We will start with the front page. I bought the Super 18 from one of the owner of the old Burns London company,
Peter Farrell in New Zealand. It is a marvelous guitar. The only double-neck Burns ever made.  One six string and one 12-string. And it works. The problem with this guitar is to keep it in tune. I think that Jim should have changed how the neck is screwed to the body if he had made a serial product. But it is nice to look at. The pick-ups were Tri-Sonics so the 12-string sounds like a double six and the sixstring like an vibra-artist. I am sorry he did not developed it. But the problem with Burns is that he often started with a new guitar before the old one was on top. You will learn much moreabout this guitar in the book.

As this will be book no 2 - the double neck must be the right guitar for the front page.

My last book was from the beginning meant to be a picture book to be read as a complement to Paul Days
book from 1979, but in the end I started to put in some stories. The next book will be much more
about the story and the people behind the guitars and with more wonderful pictures.

Postat av: Peter Hoblyn

Hi. I know very little about electric guitars but have acquired what I believe to be a Vibra-Artist DeLuxe. The tremolo arm is missing and its' lacquer is crazed but otherwise it appears complete. It will be going up for auction soon and I have taken some pictures of it to email to the auctioneers. I'm sure it will geta caring new owner to renovate it. I came by your website whilst searching out info. on Google.

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