10. Fakes

Guitars are entertainment. Compared to other well-known brands, there are not so many Burns fakes
out there. Anyway some fakes are worth taking a closer look at. Here is a picture of a double neck Flyte
guitar/bass. According to Jim Burns the only Burns double-neck ever made was the Super-18.
This double neck must have been made by someone from a Burns Flyte bass and a Burns Flyte.
Good work but unfortunately a fake.
Below you will also see a very special Jazz Split Sound made from Burns parts by Jens Persson from Sweden. A really nice guitar and he told me that this guitar was for sale in a shop in Stockholm as a very rare Burns.
Rare - absolutely but not an original Burns. Jim never made the "hot cat" sound - but Jens did. Anyway I like
this guitar.
Watch out when you find a really rare bird.


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