20. More about the Shadows

I need to get in touch with someone who can write a chapter about The Shadows and Burns.
Please send me an e-mail to: per@addit.se

Below a picture that I have got from Bjørn Arnesen from Norway. It is an Burns Marvin from the
80-s which i signed by the Shadows. A little bit funna as I have only seen one video with the
Hank Marvin playing an 80-s Burns Marvin. Burns even had to take away the Marvin sign on
the guitars, probably as the quality of these guitar was really  very poor compared to the very
nice 60:s Marvin guitars. Notice that the quality differs also very much betwen different 80:s Marvins.
Some are really discasters and others are quite ok to play. The quality of the different parts of the
guitar also differ very much Some people are trying to get a lot of
money for them, but take care. Remember that they are cheap guitars and have nothing to do with Hank Marvin.
Nice for a collector but no player.

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